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Progress On Campus Energy, Water Savings

The 2022 Energy and Water Annual Report is now available online, providing an update on NC State University’s progress towards utility reductions and outlining future strategies that will contribute to a more sustainable campus.

Highlights of the report reveal a 35% decrease in total campus energy consumption per gross square foot in fiscal year 2022, compared to the fiscal year 2003 baseline. The university aims for a 40% decrease by 2025.

NC State’s total water consumption has decreased by 51% compared to the fiscal year 2002 baseline, with potable water consumption decreasing by 59%.

The 2022 Energy and Water Annual Report exemplifies NC State’s core value of sustainability.  The campus community’s support and contributions have been integral to making NC State a leader in resource conservation, prudent financial planning and environmentally responsible operations.

Read the full report online at

This post was originally published in Sustainability News.