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2012 FREEDM Industry Summit

The 2012 FREEDM Industry Summit will be held at the McKimmon Center in Raleigh, North Carolina on January 30-31, 2012. Continuing the success of last year’s Industry Research Review, the first day of the Summit will be a review of the center’s research, and is only open to members. Members will have an opportunity to view the latest research accomplishments through interacting with Professors and students in technical sessions, working groups, and poster presentations.

The second day is open to the public and will feature two panel sessions composed of speakers from the industry. The panel sessions are:

Utility and End-User Value Proposition
Chair: Mike Ligett, Progress Energy (retired)
Becky Harrison, Progress Energy
Raiford Smith, Duke Energy
David Elizondo, Quanta Technology
Matthew Gardner, Dominion
Business Opportunities in Grid Modernization
Chair: Ed White, Field2Base, Inc.
Mohamed Haj-Maharsi, Vestas
Le Tang, ABB
David Lubkeman, Sensus
Farel Becker, Siemens

View the draft agenda:

Registration: Please register here.