Wenyuan Tang

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tang is an assistant professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. His research focuses on power system economics. Sample topics include: economic modeling and data analytics of electricity markets; game-theoretic analysis and design of market mechanisms; control and optimization for the evolving smart grid; statistical learning, forecasting, and financial trading; energy systems and policy.


  • Microgrid Control/Coordination Co-Design (MicroC3)
  • CAREER: Pricing Non-convexities Toward Transparency in Electricity Markets
  • Day-Ahead Probabilistic Forecasting of Net-Load and Demand Response Potentials with High Penetration of Behind-the-Meter Solar-plus-Storage
  • Quantifying Cost-of-Service Impacts of Distributed Generation
  • CPS: Small: Data-Driven Reinforcement Learning Control of Large CPS Networks using Multi-Stage Hierarchical Decompositions
  • Photovoltaic Analysis and Response Support (PARS) Platform for Solar Situational Awareness and Resiliency Services
  • Cybersecurity for Electric Power Systems
Wenyuan Tang