Erin Sills

Conger Professor and Department Head


  • Estimating the Social Benefits of Satellite Imagery used to enforce the Brazilian Forest Code and Reduce Deforestation
  • Lessons for the Recovery: Evaluating the Impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Forest-based Rural Economy in the Southern United States
  • Environment for Development Initiative 2021-2024
  • BCS-DISES: Influence of Community Forestry on the Dynamics of Integrated Socio-Environmental Systems
  • TreeCo – Genome Editing in Loblolly Pine for Sustainable Fiber Production in the Southern US
  • Innovations in the Theory and Application of Models for Human and Natural Caused Disturbances in Forests
  • The Sociohydrological System of a Tropical Forest Frontier: Land-Climate-Water Feedbacks and Farmer Adaptation
  • Johns Island Community Conservation Initiative: Ecosystem Services Mapping and Land Protection Toolkit
  • PIRE: Confronting Energy Poverty: Building an Interdisciplinary Evidence Base, Network, and Capacity for Transformative Change
  • Determining Use, Economic Impacts and Value of Game Lands in North Carolina
Erin Sills