Soolyeon Cho

Associate Professor

Dr. Cho’s expertise is in the energy modeling and performance simulation for the design and development of sustainable buildings. His teaching includes Energy Modeling & Simulation, Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, and Building Energy Optimization. His research and work experience includes energy savings calculation, high-performance building design, energy-efficient systems design, renewable energy systems integration, and performance Measurement and Verification (M&V).


  • Development of Optimal Control Algorithms for Energy Savings of Commercial Buildings using AI & Digital Twin Technologies
  • AI Model Development for Energy and Thermal Comfort Improvement in Smart City Living Lab
  • Development of AI-Based Optimal Control Algorithms for Efficient Supply of Energy Resources
  • Development of AI ANN-Based Load Prediction Model for Optimal Control of Multi-Source, Multi-Use Heat Pump (MMHP) Systems
  • Development of Optimal Control Systems for Smart Envelope Package (SEP)
  • Testing and Research in Applications of ITC Coatings for Fire Protection and Energy Efficiency
  • Performance Evaluation of a BCVTB Platform Developed for the Automated Commissioning and M&V Processes
  • Development of Advanced Building Controls Platform Integrated with Simulation Model using BAS and BEMS
  • Simulation Modeling of Case Study Building for M&V and Identification of Key Parameters for Commissioning
  • Building Energy Toolkits Aiding STEM Education in Northeastern North Carolina
Soolyeon Cho