Sankar Arumugam

Professor and University Faculty Scholar

Dr. Arumugam is a Professor and University Faculty Scholar in the Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Department. His research focuses at the interface of utilizing climate information for improving water and energy management particularly in the context of hydropower generation and power demand prediction. He is currently leading two NSF SEES projects – Water Sustainability and Climate and CyberSEES – focusing on near-term climate change projections and seasonal forecasts for improving water, energy and ecological sustainability.


  • Evaluation of Tampa Bay Water’s Water Supply System Under Different Changing Hydroclimatic and Demand Scenarios
  • EAGER: AI-driven Probabilistic Technique, Quantile Regression Based Artificial Neural Network Model, for Bias Correction and Downscaling of CMIP6 Projections
  • Sustained-Petascale in Action: Blue Waters Enabling Transformative Science and Engineering (Lucas Ford)
  • Hydropower and Pumped Storage Hydro Preliminary Assessments
  • Developing Potential Scenarios of Changes in Hydroclimatic Variables for analyzing the Impacts on the Tampa Bay Water Supply System
  • RAISE: C-Accel Pilot – Track A1: The Urban Flooding Open Knowledge Network - Delivering Flood Information to AnyOne, AnyTime, AnyWhere
  • A Global Synthesis of Land-Surface Fluxes Under Natural and Human-Altered Watersheds Using the Budyko Framework
  • Assessing Controls on Nutrient Loading at the Watershed Scale through Data-Driven Modeling
  • RAISE: C-Accel Pilot – Track A1. The Urban Flooding Open Knowledge Network
  • Collaborative Research:NSF-NSFC:Improving FEW system sustainability over the SEUS and NCP: A cross-regional synthesis considering uncertainties in climate and regional development
Sankar Arumugam