Kelly Zering

Associate Prof. and Extension Specialist

I work with teams of biologists and engineers to evaluate feedstock, processing systems, and genes to product supply chains. Projects in the past and present include evaluation and optimization of genetically modified camelina in a dedicated crop-to-jet fuel supply chain, evaluation of various crop production and farm to processing plant supply chains for biomass sorghum as a feedstock, and evaluation of various alternatives for capturing and using biogas produced from manure. Dimensions of analysis include assessment of risk (production and market), assessment of (dis)economies of scale, and assessment of price / efficiency combinations that define financial feasibility. A derived area of research is design of information systems to optimize supply chains from genes to products.


  • Plant-Aid: A Data Driven and Sensor Integrated Platform to Monitor Emerging Plant Diseases
  • Hemp Fungal Disease Management
  • Agri-Technology New Ventures Launch Lab
  • NRT-INFEWS: Agricultural Biotechnology in Our Evolving Food, Energy & Water Systems (AgBioFEWS)
  • Economic Impacts of the NC Pigs and Pork Sector in North Carolina and Selected Counties
  • Ammonia Recovery from Swine Wastewater with Selective Membrane Technology
  • Ammonia Recovery from Swine Wastewater with Selective Membrane Technology
  • Mid-Atlantic Biomass Sorghum Collaborative
  • A Research Initiative to Develop Advanced Bio-Processing of Organic Residuals
  • Production of Extremozymes in Marine Microalgae and Cyanobacteria
Kelly Zering