Jeremiah Johnson

Assoc Professor

Research areas: Environmental impacts of power systems, energy storage and variable renewable integration, buildings as power system resources


  • Energy Data Analytics Ph.D. Fellows Program (Jethro Ssengonzi)
  • Economic and Environmental Comparison of Emerging Plastic Waste Management Technologies
  • Multi-Decadal Decarbonization Pathways for U.S. Freight Rail
  • Energy Data Analytics Ph.D. Fellows Program Phase II: Training the Next Generation of Energy Data Scholars (Qian Luo)
  • Ensuring Optimal Utilization of Solar Water Pumps in Rural Chhattisgarh
  • CO2 Utilization for Geothermal Energy Production and Renewable Energy Storage
  • Optimal Use of Grid-Connected Energy Storage to Reduce Human Health Impacts
  • Proposal for an Open Energy Outlook (OEO)
  • IDREEM: Impact of Demand Response on short and long term building Energy Efficiency Metrics
  • Environmental Impacts of Using Distributed Energy Storage for Power System Reserves
Jeremiah Johnson