Joseph DeCarolis


Joe DeCarolis is an Associate Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering at North Carolina State University. His research program is focused on addressing energy and environmental challenges at the intersection of engineering, economics, and public policy. His primary focus is the development and application of energy system models to analyze how energy technology and public policy can shape a sustainable future.


  • Multi-Decadal Decarbonization Pathways for U.S. Freight Rail
  • Proposal for an Open Energy Outlook (OEO)
  • Collaborative Research:NSF-NSFC:Improving FEW system sustainability over the SEUS and NCP: A cross-regional synthesis considering uncertainties in climate and regional development
  • Refinement of the FREEDM Center Cost-Benefit Model
  • INFEWS/T3: Solar-Powered Integrated Greenhouse (SPRING) Systems Using Wavelength Selective Photovoltaics for Complete Solar Utilization
  • Maximizing Energy for Waste While Minimizing Life-Cycle Environmental Burdens and Cost
  • Solid Waste Management Planning for Wake County in Consideration of Cost, Energy and Environmental Emissions
  • Cybersees: Type II: Cyber-Enabled Water and Energy Systems Sustainability Utilizing Climate Information
  • SAVI: International Institute for Solid Waste Management Life-Cycle Modeling
  • Utilizing Municipal Solid Waste as a Biofuel Feedstock
Joseph DeCarolis