Elizabeth Nichols


Elizabeth Nichols works on sustainable woody biomass production across multi-functionable landscapes and also directs the undergraduate certificate and minor in Renewable Energy Assessment (REA) and is facilitating development of a graduate certificate in Renewable Energy Development for the Master’s of Environmental Assessment.


  • NC Sustainable Pellet Production for Poultry
  • Does Wood Pellet Heat Reduce Ammonia Exposures to Farmworkers in Poultry Houses?
  • Forestry of the Future: Improving Student Readiness and Workforce Participation of Underrepresented Minority Populations in Forest Resources
  • Populus-based Production of Solid Biofuel
  • Coastal Plain Aquifer Vulnerability to Extreme Storms and Implications for Rural Prosperity, Food Security, and Water Resource Resiliency
  • The Silviculture of Populus for Veneer
  • Intercropping POPULUS for Bioenergy and Veneer
  • A Watershed Model to Understand Groundwater and Surface Water Interactions to Support Sewer Utility Resilience at the Jacksonville N.C. Forest Water Re-Use Facility
  • RAPID: Collaborative Research: Impacts of Extreme Flooding on Hydrologic Connectivity and Water Quality in the Atlantic Coastal Plain and Implications for Vulnerable Populations
  • Predicting SRWC productivity and economic feasibility
Elizabeth Nichols