Douglas Hopkins


Prof Hopkins is Director of the Laboratory for Packaging Research in Electronic Energy Systems, and focuses on power electronics for efficient electrical energy conversion.


  • Requirements for a 3DHI Power Microsystem (3DHIP) and Manufacturing Center
  • MIP Round 4 3.31 Demonstration of 100 kW SiC Inverter with Soft-Switching dv/dt Filter and Ultra High Efficiency for Motor Drives
  • FSA: HENKEL Material Testing Services
  • FSA -- Fabrication of a High Power Capacitor Tester (HPCT) for Advanced Capacitor Testing
  • PV Inverter Systems Enabled by Monolithically Integrated SiC based Four Quadrant Power Switch (4-QPS)
  • Highly Robust Integrated Power Electronics Packaging Technology
  • WBG Gate Oxide Characterization Project
  • "Demonstration of a Medium Voltage Power Module for High Density Conversion" Task 4.6:Pwr Amer-Hopkins- BP-2
  • PSD and Systems Packaging Development
  • Development and Testing of Silicon Carbide Gate Turn-Off Thyristor Based High Power Solid State Circuit Breaker (SSCB) for DC Power Distribution System
Douglas Hopkins