Christopher Galik

Professor and Interim Department Chair

Christopher Galik is an Associate Professor in the Department of Public Administration, School of Public and International Affairs, North Carolina State University. His primary research interests are in the areas of institutions and the portability of governance systems. He brings an interdisciplinary perspective to his work, leveraging expertise in institutional theory, economics, and the natural sciences to address energy and environmental management and policy challenges. Recent research includes an evaluation of factors influencing individual participation in new markets, modeling of forest markets in response to novel energy policy interventions, and the use of experiences in the energy sector to motivate policy design and delivery in other fields.


  • Bioenergy from Forests Initiative
  • Evaluating Policy and Market Barriers to the Use of Forest Biomass for Energy Production in the United States
  • Quantifying the Carbon Implications of Targeted Energy and Sequestration Initiatives
Christopher Galik