Mesut Baran


  • Phone: 919-515-5081
  • Office: Keystone Science Center 147

Dr. Baran’s research interests include distribution and transmission system analysis and control, integration of renewable energy resources, and utility applications of power electronics based equipment. Currently, he is a member of the FREEDM Systems Center at NC State focusing on both research and education aspects of renewable electric energy systems and their integration into the electric power distribution systems.


  • Developing large DER Protection Guidelines and Settings for Mitigating System-wide Impacts across Transmission and Distribution Systems, CAPER Enhancement Project
  • Adopting Single phase VO (Capacitor switching) with mini-DVAR to mitigate voltage imbalance on a Distribution System.
  • Adopting D-VAR to Mitigate PV Impacts on a Distribution System – Phase II
  • Planning Grant: Engineering Research Center for Integrated Systems Operations and Planning of a Carbon Neutral Electric Grid
  • Comparative Power Flow Analysis and Power Flow Quality Criteria - Phase 1, CAPER Core Project
  • Comparative Power Flow Analysis and Power Flow Quality Criteria – Phase 2, CAPER Enhancement Project
  • Quantifying Cost-of-Service Impacts of Distributed Generation
  • Feeder Anti-Islanding Detection Using HIL Modelling and Simulation
  • Data Analytics Using Advanced Meeting Data
  • Photovoltaic Analysis and Response Support (PARS) Platform for Solar Situational Awareness and Resiliency Services
Mesut Baran