Andre Mazzoleni


Our lab works on developing systems for extracting energy from wind, ocean waves and currents (e.g. the Gulf Stream), and river currents, as well as novel methods for storing energy (e.g. compressed air energy storage systems).


  • MAARCO – Multi-terrain Amphibious ARCtic ExplOrer
  • Device Design and Robust Periodic Motion Control of an Ocean Kite System for Hydrokinetic Energy Harvesting
  • NC Space Grant Team Competition Proposal for High-Powered Rocketry Club
  • NC Space Grant Senior Design Proposal for High-Powered Rocketry Club
  • NASA competition-RASC-AL Special Edition: Mars Ice Drill Challenge
  • NC State University-NC Space Grant Base Program
  • Design and Development of Mars Exploration Strategies for Extreme Environments
  • Development of Transforming Interplanetary Rover Prototypes
  • Enabling All-Access Mobility for Planetary Exploration Vehicles via Transformative Reconfiguration
  • Design and Testing of a Lunar Penetrator
Andre Mazzoleni