Aranya Chakrabortty


Dr. Chakrabortty is an Associate Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State. His main research areas are in modeling, dynamics, stability analysis, and control of large-scale power systems at both transmission and distribution levels. His most recent research interests are in the applications of cyber-physical system theory for distributed control of power system networks, and also in online learning of uncertain grid models for real-time computation of grid controllers. His group is also working on evaluating the impacts of renewable penetration and power electronics in conventional grid models from a dynamics and stability perspective, and using this knowledge for retuning existing controllers for enhanced stability and performance of the grid.


  • Microgrid Control/Coordination Co-Design (MicroC3)
  • Vehicle Root of Trust - Cryptography and Cybersecurity
  • Real-Time Control of Multi-Agent Networks using Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Tools (ArtIT) for Cyber Hardening of Power Grids
  • Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreement for Aryanya Chakrabortty
  • Fellowship for Graduate Student Sayak Mukherjee Working on FREEDM Core Project Entitled Wide-Area Control of New York State Power Grid using FACTS and Wind Farms
  • Wide-Area Control of New York State Power Grid using FACTS and Wind Farms
  • Identification and Mitigation of Coordinated Attacks on Distributed Energy Management, CAPER Enhancement Project
  • Hierarchical Control and Information Sharing Methods for Next-Generation Inverter-Interfaced Power Transmission Networks
  • RADICs TA2 - Secure Emergency Network for Recovery (SENTRY)
Aranya Chakrabortty