Courses and Academic Programs

NC State has a variety of academic and continuing education courses for students and working professionals. These energy and energy-related programs range from research focused to technical and practical applications in the field. This page lists academic programs that are currently available to undergraduate, graduate and Non-Degree Studies (NDS) students. For continuing education programs, click the Outreach section of this website.

The most recent list of energy-related courses offered in the current academic year are listed below.

2022-2023 Energy-Related Courses

BAET 343 – Agricultural Electrification
CE 250 – Introduction to Sustainable Infrastructure
CE 478 – Energy and Climate
CHE 311 – Transport Processes I
ECE 200 – Introduction to Circuits, Signals, and Systems
ECE 305 – Principles of Electromechanical Energy Conversion
ECE 331 – Principles of Electrical Engineering
ECE 404 – Introduction to Solid-State Devices
ECE 434 – Fundamentals of Power Electronics
ECE 452 – Renewable Electric Energy Systems
ECE 489 – Solid State Solar and Thermal Energy Harvesting
ES 300 – Energy and Environment
ET 120 – Introduction to Renewable Energy Technologies and Assessments
ET 220 – Solar Photovoltaics Assessment
ET 255 – Hydro, Wind, and Bioenergy Assessment
ET 262 – Renewable Energy Adoption: Barriers and Incentives
MAE 403 – Air Conditioning
MAE 406 – Energy Conservation in Industry
MAE 421 – Design of Solar Thermal Systems
MSE 489 – Solid State Solar and Thermal Energy Harvesting
NE 202 – Radiation Sources, Interaction, and Detection
NE 400 – Nuclear Reactor Energy Conversion
NE 419 – Introduction to Nuclear Energy
PSE – Bioenergy & Biomaterials Engineering

ARC 521 — Daylighting and Passive Energy Systems for Architecture
ARC 522 — Building Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
ARC 523 – Building Energy Modeling and Simulation
ARC 524 — Building Energy Optimization
PA 598 – Energy Policy
ECE 551 – Smart Electric Power Distribution Systems
ECE 552 — Renewable Electric Energy Systems
ECE 581 — Electric Power System Protection
ECE 585 – The Business of the Electric Utility Industry
ECE 736 – Power System Stability and Control
EA 521 – Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Site Assessment
EA 523 – Assessment of Renewable Energy Storage Systems


Minors in Energy Fields

Majors in Energy-Related Fields

Certificate Programs in Energy Fields



Certificate Programs in Energy Fields

Certificate Programs in Energy-Related Fields

Degrees in Energy-Related Fields

Chemical Engineering – M.S., Master of, Ph. D.
Electrical Engineering – M.S., Ph. D.
Engineering – Master of
Environmental Engineering – M.S., Master of
Industrial and Systems Engineering – M.S., Master of, Ph. D.
Materials Science and Engineering – M.S., Master of, Ph. D.
Mechanical Engineering – M.S., Ph. D.
Nuclear Engineering – M.S., Master of, Ph. D.
Operations Research – M.S., Master of, Ph. D.