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Holiday Savings Ahead

As winter break approaches, NC State is gearing up for the Holiday Energy Savings Initiative. This annual campus-wide initiative is led by Energy Management and has successfully avoided millions in energy costs over the past decade. Last year alone, the initiative resulted in $315,000 of avoided energy expenses. 

From December 14 through January 7, Energy Management in partnership with Building Maintenance and Operations will implement a series of conservation measures to reduce energy consumption in unoccupied campus buildings. These measures include lowering building temperature setpoints, turning off unnecessary lights and equipment, and closing doors and windows.

The campus community can take part in the university’s Holiday Energy Savings Initiative by taking the following steps before leaving for break:

  • Unplug power cords from electronic devices and appliances including computers, printers, etc.
  • Empty and defrost refrigerators, making sure to use towels, rags and pans to absorb any moisture. 
  • In the lab, close nonactive fume hood sashes and power down nonessential lab equipment.
  • Close windows and shut both interior and exterior doors. Report any open windows and doors to the Customer Service Center at 919-515-2991.
  • Turn the lights off.
  • Report any leaky faucets or insecure water sources that may cause flooding to the Customer Service Center at 919-515-2991.

It is important to note that research labs, animal facilities and specific designated support spaces are exempt from the temperature set-point reductions.

If you have questions about the Holiday Energy Saving Initiative, contact or visit the Holiday Energy Savings Initiative website.

This post was originally published in Sustainability News.