February 2018 Meeting

The first NC Storage Study Stakeholder Input Meeting was held on February 15, 2018 from 12:30 pm to 3:30 pm at the Jane S. McKimmon Center on the Campus of NC State University.  After brief introductory remarks, Autumn Proudlove of the NC Clean Tech Center provided an update on energy storage policy throughout the U.S., followed by Joe DeCarolis of NC State, who provided an overview of the project and introduced the discussion prompts for the day’s stakeholder discussions. Joe also led a brief discussion on a definition of the term “storage” as the NCSU team is currently defining it for the study, and a scope of technologies the team should consider as part of the research.

The remaining stakeholder conversations centered on two key discussions:

  • Discussion 1: From your perspective, evaluate the potential for storage to fulfill each of the enumerated services. (Based on the Literature Review of Energy Storage Services document, as distributed at the meeting and found below.)
  • Discussion 2: Identify the economic, policy, regulatory, and/or technological barriers preventing storage adoption in NC.

Stakeholders were divided into the following constituent groups for small group discussions on these two topics.

  • Group 1: Investor-owned utilities
  • Group 2: Municipal utilities and coops
  • Group 3: Manufacturers (Note: this group included both large energy end-users and storage supply-chain manufacturers.)
  • Group 4: Project Developers
  • Group 5: Government
  • Group 6: Other Interested Stakeholders

The results of these conversations are summarized in the Summary Document of Stakeholder Feedback, posted below.

Meeting materials and follow-up summaries include:

Stakeholders interested in having a more detailed meeting with NCSU research team members to discuss their specific interests can reach out to schedule time to meet by emailing Steve Kalland, Executive Director of the NC Clean Energy Technology Center at steve_kalland@ncsu.edu.

The next group stakeholder meeting is now tentatively scheduled for June 2018.  If you would like to be added to the email distribution for meeting announcements, email steve_kalland@ncsu.edu as well.