Stakeholder Meetings

As discussed in the original NC State Storage Proposal to the UNC Policy Colaboratory, the NCSU team will conduct various stakeholder engagement activities to help guide and inform our analysis.  We will conduct stakeholder workshops and webinars to elicit feedback on challenges and opportunities to the industry and to keep stakeholders apprised of our progress and solicit feedback.  The first full stakeholder meeting was held in February 2018. The second was held in June 2018.  A third meeting was held in early October 2018.

As described in the NC General Assembly’s authorization language from HB 589 (2017) (Part XII, Section 12), the study has two primary mandates. The first mandate is to evaluate how energy storage technologies may or may not provide value to consumers based on a number of factors, such as capital investment, value to the grid, net utility savings, net job creation, impact on consumer rates, and service quality. The second mandate is to address the feasibility of energy storage in North Carolina, including services energy storage can provide that are not being performed, the economic potential of energy storage deployment, and recommended policy changes that could inform a coordinated, statewide energy storage policy.

Stakeholders interested in having a more detailed meeting with NCSU research team members to discuss their specific interests can reach out to schedule time to meet by emailing Steve Kalland, Executive Director of the NC Clean Energy Technology Center at

The initial draft of the full report and background documentation was released on November 2, 2018.  An open comment period will be open for several weeks, prior to the expected delivery of a final report to the UNC Collaboratory by December 1, 2018.  A final stakeholder briefing is under consideration for sometime in January 2019 to review the final report.

If you would like to be added to the email distribution for meeting announcements or notifications of materials as they are posted for public review, email