James Levis

Research Assistant Professor

Research areas: Life-cycle assessment, optimization, and environmental decision support for waste and energy systems.


  • Development of a Perfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) Systems Analysis Tool (SAT) to Assist in Prioritization of Destruction Research and Management Decisions
  • Ensuring Smart and Sustainable Material and Energy Use through Real-Time Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment
  • Development of a Life-Cycle Model for Open Dumps and Informal Waste Collection
  • Development and Assessment of Cost-Effective Sustainable Integrated Organics Management Strategies
  • Development of a Predictive Model to Estimate Emissions from Open Dumps in Emerging Economies
  • Maximizing Energy for Waste While Minimizing Life-Cycle Environmental Burdens and Cost
  • Renewable Paving Binders from Top-lit Updraft Kilning of Biomass
  • Solid Waste Management Planning for Wake County in Consideration of Cost, Energy and Environmental Emissions
  • SAVI: International Institute for Solid Waste Management Life-Cycle Modeling
Jim Levis