Fanxing Li

Associate Professor

We focus on the design, synthesis, and characterization of catalysts and reagent particles for biomass and fossil energy conversions, green liquid fuel synthesis, CO2 capture, and pollutant control.


  • EAGER: Fe/Mn-Containing Perovskite Oxides Promoted by Alkali Metal Molybdates for Chemical-Looping Catalysis – Thin-Film Preparation and Surface Characterization
  • Sub-topic 3.1: Integrating Carbon Capture and Utilization into Industrial Processes. Our concept involves integrating alkaline CO2 capture into kraft pulping. [PI to replace with concept paper title]
  • Low-Temperature Chemical Looping Reforming Catalysts for Small-Footprint Gas-to-liquids
  • A Novel Molten Salt System for CO2 Based Oxidative Dehydrogenation with Integrated Carbon Capture
  • Plasma Assisted Catalytic Conversion of CO2 and Propane to Propylene and CO
  • Core-Shell Oxidative Aromatization Catalysts for Single Step Liquefaction of Distributed Shale Gas
  • Microwave Catalysis for Process Intensified Modular Production of Carbon Nanomaterials from Natural Gas
  • Synthetic Natural Gas from Carbonaceous Wastes via Phase Transition CO2/O2 Sorbent Enhanced Chemical Looping Gasification
  • Low-Temperature Chemical Looping Reforming Catalysts for Small-Footprint GTL
  • NSF-BSF and Manufacturing USA: Lattice Oxygen Assisted Methane Activation for Modular Production of Fischer-Tropsch Ready Syngas
Fanxing Li