ARL Photovoltaics Grant Opportunity

U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) solicits proposals to support research for new semiconductor materials and device architectures for high efficiency (greater than 30%) solar photovoltaic solutions that will:  A) Provide power for charging batteries (during daylight hours) for small autonomous systems. These microsystems will have ambulation as well as avionic capabilities.  B) Enable extended runtimes on unattended ground sensors and surveillance cameras.
:  W911NF-07-R-0001-03

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is an unprecedented effort to jumpstart our economy, save and create millions of jobs, and put a down payment on addressing long-neglected challenges so our country can thrive in the 21st century. The fundamental research solutions sought through this announcement are intended to revive the renewable energy industry and provide the capital over the next three years to eventually double domestic renewable energy capacity. Offerors should be mindful of this objective in their responses to this announcement

The U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Contracting Center, Research Triangle Park Contracting Division on behalf of the U.S. Army Research Laboratory, Sensors and Electron Devices Directorate (SEDD) is soliciting white papers for Novel Materials and Device Development for High Efficiency Solar Photovoltaics and intends to award no more than two assistance instruments or contracts under topic areas 2.48 Directed Energy, Paragraph 7 Photovoltaic (PV) Power Sources and/or; 2.52 Infrared Detectors and Power Sources through Army Research Laboratory and Army Research Office Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Number W911NF-07-R-0001-03 effective from 01 October 2007 through 30 September 2011. Awards will be subject to the final Recovery Act approval and funding. It is anticipated that award(s) made will be firm fixed price contracts or cost reimbursable (no profit or fee) assistance instruments.

Research and Development solutions are sought for new semiconductor materials and device architectures for high efficiency (greater than 30%) solar photovoltaic solutions that will:
-Provide power for charging batteries (during daylight hours) for small autonomous systems. These microsystems will have ambulation as well as avionic capabilities.
-Enable extended runtimes on unattended ground sensors and surveillance cameras.

The photovoltaic solution for these applications will be geared towards Armys high value systems and high value missions and must address compact, conformable and a light weight substrate with a small volume. The proposed solutions must be able to obtain conversion efficiencies of greater than 30% and these photovoltaic devices may consist of multi-color tandem photovoltaic devices. The Armys goal is photovoltaic panels that are very light weight and having areas of 2000 cm2. A key requirement for these photovoltaic panels is very high power per unit area and weight. These photovoltaic arrays will be integrated to the skins of small microsystems to produce power and ultimately to provide multifunction smart skins for small autonomous systems. At the end of the award(s) the awardee(s) shall be able to deliver a small (~1W under one sun) high efficiency photovoltaic array demonstrating scalability to 100W or higher.

Offerors must address the following:
-High efficiency solar photovoltaic devices and cells for un-attended ground sensors, Soldier systems, and very small autonomous systems. Proposals should address the investigation of novel approaches, highly integrated advanced materials, and device structures to reduce weight, volume and self powering for emerging Army Systems.
-Very high power and energy density solutions to powering very small systems.
-Higher efficiency cells integrated with flexible electronics and displays.
-Rigid crystalline silicon photovoltaic cells for anticipated future sensors, taggants and micro autonomous systems;
-Cheaper thin film solutions offering higher efficiencies and smaller areas to produce power

Offerors are invited to submit a white paper not exceeding five (5) pages under the topic areas referenced above and shall be sent via email to Parvez Uppal (e:mail: by 01 June 2009. The subject line of the email shall be: RECOVERY ARL PHOTOVOLTAICS.

The Government will evaluate all white papers and provide a written response / proposal invitation to the offerors on or about 15 June 2009. Two awards valued at $1,500,000.00 each or one award valued $3,000,000.00 are expected.

Offerors invited to submit a proposal should note that Federal agencies are required to include terms and conditions in contract documents necessary to ensure the transparency and accountability objectives of the Recovery Act are met. To maximize transparency of Recovery Act spending required by Congress and the Administration, Recovery Act funds can not be co-mingled with any other agency funding. As a result, no additional funds will be available to supplement the Recovery Act funding. FAC 2005-032 issued on 31 Mar 09 amends the FAR to implement the provisions of the Recovery Act. The revisions have been issued as interim rules and apply to contracts using funds appropriated by the Recovery Act. The revisions include new FAR provisions and clauses and cover the following subjects: Buy American Requirements, Whistleblower Protections, Publicizing contract Actions, Reporting Requirements, and GAO/IG access. FAC 2005-32 also implements Section 871 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2009 (NDAA) with respect to GAO access to contract employees. FAC 2005-32 is published in the Federal Register at 74 FR 14622. Additional reporting requirements are anticipated. Additional contract clauses may be added. In addition, contractors must be able to meet the contractor qualifications listed in FAR 52.209-5, DFAR 252.209-7001 and 252.209-7002.

Assistance instruments will be subject to 2 CFR PART 176 - Requirements for Implementing Sections 1512, 1605, and 1606 of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 for Financial Assistance Awards.

Any Questions concerning the award(s) process shall be directed to: Julia Wertley-Rotenberry by email: This special notice expires 30 June 2009 at 12:00 PM (EST).

RDECOM Acquisition Center - Research Triangle Park, ATTN: AMSSB-ACR, Research Triangle Park Contracting Division, P.O. Box 12211, Research Triangle Park, NC 27709-2211


Julia Wertley-Rotenberry, 919-549-4268