Innovators in Action: Drs. Vincent Chiang and Ron Sederoff

Teaching and Education

  • Led by two of the world’s leading researchers in forest biotechnology, Drs. Vincent Chiang and Ron Sederoff, the Forest Biotechnology Group promotes the application of molecular genetics to forest trees to increase their usefulness in biofuel. | MORE
  • Faculty Hires: To support NC State’s overall commitment to energy and the environment, the university will make “clusters hires” of approximately 30 faculty members. | MORE
  • NC State’s Industrial Assessment Center provides energy analysis and conservation recommendations to manufacturers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Comprised of engineering faculty and students, it is one of 26 such centers in the U.S. | MORE
  • From its start as the first university-based reactor in 1953 to the present day, NC State’s nuclear reactor program has trained the nuclear engineers of tomorrow while providing basic and applied research and analytical services to industries. | MORE
  • A part of the College of Engineering, the NC Solar Center is a clearinghouse for information and technology assistance on an array of renewable energy, energy efficiency, green building practices and clean transportation technologies. | MORE
  • Scientists with backgrounds in biomass and biofuel research are in big demand. NC State is helping to fill that demand by creating a curriculum which any college or university can use, and allow students to receive an advanced degree in biomass science when completed, BioSUCCEED will be available to instructors either in DVD format or on the Web. | MORE (pdf)